Kassy (singlensexy6969) wrote in saltshakers,

a question beneath the surface.

Every now and then I like to put my input in on how I think life is. And just when I think I get it all figured out the more and more questions that I have. The more I get confused. Everything is suposed to happen for a reason.. and if there is something bad that happens to you some good has to come out of it. BUt the real tricky part is not figuring out the bad part its figuring out what kind of good comes out of the bad things that happen to you. I dont knwo if I am confusing anyone cuz im kinda confusing myself. Now i do know that if you dont want to find God there is no way you are going to. You see, I have found God, and I have found Jesus. I fully accept and know that Jesus is my savior.. and that no man gets to God but through him. And you deny Jesus before man then Jesus will deny you before his Father(God). I just have a question, If I have been saved and I ask Jesus to coem into my heart and forgive me for my sins. Now there is no perfect man, If I sin but dont have a chance to ask for forgiveness and I pass away will i got to hell?? Im not sure if my question makes much sense but im confused on that subject.
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